What We Do.

Swag Design Factory is a design, print & manufacturing hub. We make fun, meaningful, recognizable things for people, businesses, brands and organizations. We collaborate, imagine, create, design, make, print, discover and innovate! Our sole purpose is to bring our clients’ vision to life. We are designers, printers, silk-screeners, identity-makers, manufacturers and makers of things and web designers. We have over 25 years experience in the print, pre-press, graphic design, silk screening and manufacturing industries. We are here to help!

Our Motto:

Honour our craft. Be nice. Try to get our hands dirty on a daily basis!

100% Canadian Made!

It’s really important to us where our products and components come from. We have taken the time to source as many products as we possibly can, that are manufactured in North America, NAFTA Friendly and made in Fair-Wage facilities. We make most of our finished products on-site and we source all of our component parts from North American suppliers.

Our Sustainability Pledge

Swag Design Factory pledges to practice good stewardship and embrace sustainable practices in every aspect of their business. We recycle everything; we practice ‘Just in Time’ production to eliminate waste; we use renewable hydro electricity in our production facility and our web hosting facility; we do everything we can to minimize the environmental and social impact of our business.

We are:

1. Passionate (we love what we do)
2. Enthusiastic (we want to excel)
3. Sceptical (we are critical thinkers)
4. Focused (we have the right attitude)
5. Nice (we think we are nice, and gosh darn-it, people like us)

Who We Are:


Co-Founder, Pre-Press Technician, Business Development, Programmer, Silk Screener and Inky-Handed Guy
Entrance Song:
Johnny Cash: Walk the Line

Barry is a co-founder of Swag Clothing Collective and Swag Design Factory. He has over 25 years of experience in the printing industry, working 15 years for the worlds largest printing company; RR Donnelley, as a pre-press tech. While bowl-cuts are no longer his thing, making awesome things still is. Programming, scheduling, printing, cutting and generally getting his hands dirty on a daily basis are the things he loves. We love him for that!


Co-Founder, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Marketing Maven, Maker and Shaker
Qualicum Beach
Entrance Song:
Michael Jackson: Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

Graphic designer, artist, passionista-for-creating-awesome-visual-stuff, mildly tortured creative Lizzy utilizes her unique, creative, and awesome skill-set to visually and graphically convey and communicate ideas and concepts. With a love for beauty, creative freedom, and the opportunity to heighten and express her artistic potential, Lizzy finds her passion in all areas of design. Liz is the co-Founder of Swag Clothing Collective & Swag Design Factory. She can still be found sporting a turtle-neck from time to time. Creative, quirky, and feisty, she’s definitely the woman you want on your design job!


Production, Maker of things, Illustration Wizard, Book keeper Extraordinaire
Entrance Song:
Violent Femmes: “Kiss-Off”

Janice wears many hats at SDF. She takes care of of bookkeeping, produces and makes things, and is also an avid designer, doodler and brilliant illustrator. Her role in a nutshell is: “I know how to do most things and if I don’t know I am such a smarty pants that I will figure it out.” Janice holds an associate degree in business management and is dreaming of getting her graphic design degree. I am sure one day soon she will be running SDF. Janice can often be found strolling the aisles anywhere craft supplies are sold while she is plotting some new crafting or painting adventure.
Janice rarely wears ribbons in her hair these days.

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